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How to Plan a Week's Worth of Outfits In 5 Minutes

Go ahead and set your alarm a little later—you won’t have to worry about what you’re wearing!

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There is one thing I am sure you and I have in common: we’re both really busy. I’d even bet, that if given the choice of money or more hours in the day, we would choose to have more time. Am I right?

In between trying to be a good daughter, student, wife, mom, entrepreneur, friend, and occasional party planner, it can feel like there isn’t a lot of time to put serious thought into what you'll wear each day. So many of us rely on our trusty skinny jeans and our favorite blouse and call it good, but then we walk around apologizing for how we look or embarrassed that we wore this exact same outfit last week.

The good news is that by just spending five minutes sifting through your closet, you could walk away with a plan for a week’s worth of outfits. Then you can be sure you won’t be repeating that same jeans-and-a-top uniform, not to mention feel more confident when you look in the mirror.

Follow these simple steps:

01. Think about your week and what you have planned. What type of meetings lie ahead? Do you have a date coming up? Are you hosting a brunch this weekend?

02. Check the weather. You definitely want to feel comfortable and ready for the elements as well as look great.

03. Make sure all of your clothes are back from the dry cleaner and/or washed (well, as much as possible!)

04. Start laying out your foundation. Plan for:

• two dresses
• two skirts
• two pairs of pants

This way,  you are ensuring variety in your outfits. When choosing your dresses, try to make sure they are different in color, pattern or fabric. Repeat this step for your skirt and pants. From there you will already have almost six of your outfits planned. For your seventh outfit, pick the foundation you feel more confident in (dress, skirt or pants).

05. Select your tops for your skirts and pants.

06. Accessorize and choose your shoes. When in doubt keep it simple. Gold, silver, black, white, and nude are always safe bets.

07. Select a cardigan, blazer, or denim jacket for each outfit if you think you might be cold in the office or at a restaurant.

08. Hit the snooze button one more time because you don’t have to worry about what you’re wearing.



Old Navy striped peplum top, ZARA black skinny pants.


Marc Jacobs pencil skirt, GAP chambray shirt, Old Navy melon cardigan. When dealing with dry-clean only garments it’s good to try to get a couple uses out of them before you take another trip to the cleaners. You could easily wear a pair of skinny jeans with this outfit and avoid the dry cleaner altogether, but by incorporating a pattern you avoid color-blocking your body.


Old navy black and white striped A-line dress, H&M faux leather jacket.  Dresses are the easiest piece of clothing to wear. You put on one thing and you are set. By adding a leather jacket you instantly make your outfit ooze cool.


Urban Outfitters lace top and black pleated maxi skirt. The weekend is almost here. This relaxed feminine style is the perfect outfit to get your mind ready for the weekend, but still look cool for the office. You can switch out the maxi skirt for a pencil skirt or skinny pants if you prefer.


Love Culture lace kimono and Old Navy black dress. You can’t go wrong with an LBD for a date. To make it more my style I added a lace kimono and long necklace. However, a leather jacket, blazer or a denim jacket would equally be cute.


Old Navy shirt dress, Old Navy melon cardigan. This is the perfect ensemble for the farmer’s market, brunch with friends or a quick jaunt to the mall. Add a felt hat and oxfords and you can make this dress more hipster than preppy in a flash.


Marc Jacobs pencil skirt, Old Navy mint sleeveless blouse (feel free to repeat what you wore during the week because chances are you don't see your co-workers on the weekend). I’m obsessed with the color mint, and since pastels are the current color trend I’m gravitating to it even more.