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Spring Break Pandora Stations


Art Credit: Miles Bowers

It’s finally spring! This long winter has taken a toll on all of us, and I think I speak for everyone when I say “hallelujah!” Whether or not you have a Spring Break trip in your near future, why not set the stage for a spring-break state of mind? Here are some Pandora stations to stream the springtime spirit right into your ears—and soul.

For Those Itching To Travel To Faraway Beaches

Tropical Radio: Yes, this is actually a station. And it streams tropical vibes left and right. Whether it be Marc Anthony singing you sweet tunes, or Edward Maya soothing your ears with seaside sounds, this is the Pandora station that will make you take a daydream trip to the best beaches.

For Those Who Still Love Dance Music of the '90s

Wynter Gordon Radio: Are you still completely nostalgic for the purity of '90s dance tunes? Wynter Gordon radio is a mecca of the gems we used to roller blade to, mixed in with relevant dance music we know and love today.

For Those Who Enjoy The Beauty and Warmth of The Guitar

Santana Radio: If Spanish guitar melodies pulls at your heart strings, then you will fall head over heels in love with this Pandora station. Nothing screams warm nights, open windows, and chilled sangria like Santana.

For the Festival Goers

Calvin Harris Radio: Whether or not you are headed to a show this festival season, Calvin Harris radio will have you itching to be in the crowd at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, dancing next to the other thousands of people who like electronic dance best served up in the warmth of the sun.

For the Reggae in You

Sublime Radio: If Reggaeton and alternative rock bring you back to warm days sitting in the grass listening to friends jam on the guitar, then you will love all the oldies and goodies on Sublime Radio.