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Keeping It Simple: 5 Ways to Wear a Blazer

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There's nothing like a good wardrobe staple to have on hand, especially for those groggy mornings when it's hard to choose what to wear. One essential staple is the classic blazer. The blazer is one of those mainstays that has a lot of range in terms of how you wear it—from dressy to casual, from workplace attire to an evening out. If you plan ahead, you will be able to wear your blazer with countless outfits year-round!

Here are five ways to wear a well-made blazer—your constant companion through the seasons, and for years to come!

01. Blazer + Boyfriend Jeans


Boyfriend jeans can have a casual and unkempt feel, but add some heels, a slim-fit blouse, and a structured blazer, and you go from running errands to running a meeting.  Within seconds your blazer will take you from casual to chic.

02. Blazer + Nikes


I like to call this look Tomboy Chic. Thanks to Jenna Lyons, creative director of J.Crew, for giving us city gals permission to do what we're already doing: wearing sneakers with our skirts. The graphic tee and Nikes make this look extremely casual, but add that blazer and a fun black purse and voilà!  You're literally ready to run all over the city—while still dressed to be taken seriously!

03. Blazer + Boho Chic


This flowy silk dress is bohemian to its core and one of my favorite summer dresses (thank you, Anthropologie!). The leopard flats and blazer make this sweet dress more sophisticated, yet I still keep an eclectic element with my 31 Bits necklace. It's all about mix 'n' match, ladies!

04. Blazer + Cropped Trousers + Baseball Cap


Can you tell I'm a tomboy at heart? These blue trousers could be worn with wedges, converses, and a graphic tee, or a mixture of both as shown above. The blazer says I'm ready to take on this day with full force, and the hat says but I'm going to have fun doing it!

05. Blazer + Maxi


Lest one think maxi dresses are only fit for sandals and summer, this simple maxi dress paired with a blazer and some killer heels has now become the perfect outfit for an evening wedding of cocktail attire. It's all about thinking outside of the box and working with what you already have.