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Baggage Claim: Why March is the Best Time to Buy


Art Credit: Nick Harris

Ever find yourself scrambling to buy something last minute because you absolutely needed it, like, yesterday? And then ended up with something that you didn't really love, fell apart after a few uses, or was way over your budget? That's always how they get you—crafty companies who know exactly when and where to target customers at their most vulnerable. Well ladies, it's time to turn the tables!

A little planning goes a long way in saving time and money when it comes to seasonal shopping. You've probably noticed that certain things are cheaper at certain times of the year—think holiday décor at Target after December 25th and chocolates at your local drugstore after February 14th. Whether you're buying airfare, shopping online, or holding out for the next blowout at Best Buy, Consumer Reports research reveals that opportunities for the "best time to buy"—in terms of getting the deepest discounts—"still go by the calendar."

For anyone looking to invest in travel accessories, March just so happens to be the best time to buy. Because it's between big vacation seasons—the winter holidays, spring, and summer break—shops are dropping prices in order to make room for new merchandise. So we combed the masses for six well-reviewed, travel-gear steals to sweeten the deal!


01. For easy identification. It'll be tough to miss your bag at the infamously confusing carousel with an eye-catching gold-tone bauble like Barneys New York Luggage Tag. This is not only 40% OFF, it's made in the USA and comes with a secure flap covering your personal information while protecting it from brutal baggage handlers. What's not to love?

02. For your valuables. Safely store precious gems in your carry-on with a compact organizer like the Nordstrom Jewelry Travel Case. The cylindrical shape means bracelets and bangles don't get bent in transit. Now 50% OFF in ivory or black.

03.  For your memories. Don't forget a place to record all of your lists, trips, and experiences. 'The World Travel Journal" from Barneys includes useful travel information, maps of the most-visited places, an address book, weight and measurement conversion charts, and graph-lined pages to create your own maps and reference points.

04. For your toiletries. Options for absolutely cute and affordable hanging toiletry bags are scarce. Hard to resist Stella & Dot's Hang On with its tiny gold dots and crazy stripes—40% OFF means you can walk away with a useful travel accessory for under $16!

05. For your shoulders. Is there a better excuse to don a cape than to travel in comfort and style? I mean other than when you're saving the world, of course. Wearable as a poncho, cloak, cardigan, or scarf, Muji's Heat Control Knit Multi-Cape is 30% OFF and comes in 6 neutral colors to complement your personal style.

06. For everything else. Bright colors joining black on the luggage rack? Yes, please!Anne Klein's Vintage Edition Upright Large Suitcase and Carry-on mix classic design with modern technology that just might make stressful travel feel a little more like a picnic in the park. Both come at 74% OFF plus an extra 15% OFF and free shipping if you join their "Club O."

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