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Premieres and Pilots to Tune Into this Spring


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I am ready to go back down the rabbit hole. After weeks of living in a TV world that has SOME semblance of reality (Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Pretty Little Liars . . . okay, a very small semblance), I am more than ready to re-enter Shondaland. A long-time favorite, Grey’s Anatomy, and a recent guilty pleasure, Scandal, are back after their winter hiatus this Thursday, which means my time on the elliptical on Friday is going to be very exciting indeed. Both shows offer plots that ask some big questions (Grey’s is tackling the choice of parenthood in competitive job fields, and Scandal is raising all sorts of question about where your moral line in the sand is), and both engage audiences in the classic Jane Austen Willoughby vs. Colonel Brandon debate—Are you Team Fitz or Jake? Jackson or Matthew? Could you ask much more from an hour of escapist pleasure? I think not. —Monica Weigel

Grey’s Anatomy: Thursday 2/27 at 9|8c on ABC
Scandal: Thursday 2/27 at 10|9c on ABC


If you’re in the market for a new show, you’ll find this spring is the season for pilot American spy dramas. Tune in tonight to see Kerri Russell star in the second season of FX’s, The Americans. A Cold-War story of two married KGB undercover agents, this show promises action, suspense, and intense relationship drama to boot. Rewind even further back in American history to 1776 for Turn, AMC’s newest scripted drama debuting in April. If at first blush this sounds as interesting as your high-school history class, consider that this is coming from the network that brought us Breaking Bad and Mad Men. The story follows a New York farmer played by Jamie Bell who joins a spy ring that turns the tide for the Revolutionary War. —MRS

The Americans: Wednesday 2/26 at 9|8c on FX
Turn: Sunday 4/6 at 9|8c on AMC