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Winter Tights: Cute Color Pairings

Mixing, matching, and rocking color in your everyday style is an art form—literally—and a fun way to add innovation to a seemingly dull wardrobe. This winter, try switching out your boring black tights for something more colorful. Experimenting with colorful tights will turn a winter weather necessity into an accessory!

It may seem intimidating at first, but using—and breaking—simple principles surrounding the color wheel, will allow you to create flattering and surprising color combinations, not only for tights, but for the rest of your outfit as well.

Let's review a couple color theories to help you mix and match on your own.


Complimentary Colors

Complimentary colors are found diagonal from each other on the wheel. They are the simplest and most bold combination; think red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple—this will work with variations as well, such as eggplant and gold. Pick a dress or skirt in your favorite hue and pair with colored tights diagonal to it on the wheel.


Tights: ModCloth /  Dress 1: Modcloth / Dress 2: VINCE / Skirt 3: Ruche

Analogous  Colors

Analogous colors are any 3 colors that are directly next to each other on the wheel, and are considered the most harmonious combinations; think blues, purples, and reds, or greens, yellows and browns. Make sure the colors have some contrast between each other whether through shade, tint, or tone. When pairing tights with a skirt or dress, look for 2 colors on the wheel—ie., blue dress and dark purple tights, etc.


Tights: ModCloth / Dress 1: Gap / Dress 2: Target / Dress 3: Zara

These are just a few examples of the limitless possibilities when playing with color! Don't be afraid to take risks and have a lot of fun while you're at it.