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Snowstorm Hercules: Cozying Up and Killing Time


Art Credit: Haruka Sakaguchi

With Snowstorm Hercules sweeping through the Midwest and East Coast, some of us got an extra day off—and some prime inside-time to go with it. As the temperature drops outside, we'll be curling up with a cup of hot cocoa and catching up on some streaming video and playing an online board game or two.

Have Amazon Prime? Whether the storm with free instant streaming TV entertainment:


This BBC gem has gained a loyal following through its short 6-episode life. The show’s updated take on Holmes and Watson is engaging, with excellent acting and a fast-paced storyline to draw you in and keep you hooked. With season three just starting, it's the perfect time to start watching.

Downton Abbey

Season Four of Downton Abbey starts this Sunday, so take the weekend to get caught up on—or, as is the case with the Verily team, re-watch—the beloved British series. All of the past seasons are on Amazon Prime, so fall back in love (and shed a few tears) with the Crawley household.

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Even if you aren’t much of a contemporary art fan—maybe especially if you aren’t—you’ll want to spend a couple of hours with street art legend Banksy and the cast of characters in Exit Through the Gift Shop. When an eccentric filmmaker sets out to make a documentary on one of the art world’s most elusive stars, the tables are turned. As Banksy explains in the opening scene, “this guy tried to make a documentary about me, but he was actually a lot more interesting than I am.” Exit Through the Gift Shop is both a sly look at the underground street art scene and a highly entertaining character story.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

While not as frequently cited as many of the popular classic Gene Kelley musicals, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers has some of the most entertaining dance and music on the silver screen. It’s an old-fashioned—if absurdly sexist—bit of entertainment, set in the days of the homesteading west.

Board Games—online:

Settlers of Catan: I remember another snow storm in 2007 spent playing Settlers of Catan in a friend’s apartment—but now the fun is online, so you don’t have to trudge through the drifts to build your settlements.
Ticket to Ride: A newer, highly-addictive take on a commerce game is Ticket to Ride. Collect destination cards and race to connect the country via railroad, out-strategizing your opponents for the most points. And your first four games online are free, so you can try before you buy.