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Excavating Good Album Art

We’ve all been there. You're listening to your Pandora playlist, a new song begins to play, and before you know you are swept away in its incredible sound. This song makes you smile, it makes your want to dance—it makes you wonder what else is on the album. You look down to at your screen to check out the album cover and find yourself staring at a naked women. What does this nude woman have to do with the music? The answer: Absolutely nothing.

It seems that no matter how creative we get with music, and how intricate we get with sound, there is a deep disconnect with the artwork some artists and DJs choose to use to promote their music.

An album should be to its music, as a book cover is to it’s story; it should capture the listeners imagination in a way that hints to its content. But, for the large majority of albums out there, music does not reflect art. Instead of using albums as an opportunity to experiment with visual art and sound, artists are increasingly falling into the uncreative rut of using the female body or other cheap sales tricks.

That may be an instant draw for most male consumers, but music is for everyone, right? Women listen to music too, women like art, and women sometimes just don’t want to see other naked women on the covers of music they like to listen to.

Further, the plethora of lingerie-clad women on album art suggests to me that men don’t take us as seriously in this industry as we’d like.

So in the effort of returning to what good album art is all about, a visual expression meant to correlate with the sound, I took the liberty of finding five electronic album-art covers that came out this year that are beautiful artistic representations of the music.


01. Jimmy Edgar - Mercurio

Jimmy Edgar works with artist Pilar Zeta on a lot of his album art, and this one in

particular is captivating. Geometry, astrology, and colors, oh my!

02. Goldroom - Embrace

It’s womanly, without being a naked woman. The beautifully painted lips showcase the title track on the EP “Embrace” with a touch of fine art.

03. Classixx - Hanging Gardens

Classixx is known for their retro sound, and Hanging Gardens is the most beautiful throwback to Miami in the late 80s, so how perfect is the art, straight out of that era?

04. Hot Natured - Different Sides of the Sun

Neon lights that make up an Egyptian god? That’s nothing if not creative. One of the best songs on the album is called “Isis (Egyptian Lover)” with Egyptian-sounding dance music in the background, so it all correlates very well.

05. Canblaster - Infinite

Intricate, confusing, and geometrical, just like Canblaster’s incredible EP full of synth, power, and passion.