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Beauty Resolutions to Keep in 2014

For most of us, New Years resolutions are about big change. But, when it comes to beauty, small adjustments make for some of the most productive changes. Here are a few suggestions to improve your beauty regime in 2014.


o1. Drink more water.

Back in the days of working at an international fashion house, I credit my ability to focus and make it through the long hours with my high volume of water intake. Not to mention, my skin and digestion was at its peak. A great way to remind yourself to hydrate is with a chic and eco-friendly glass water bottle on your desk.

02. Clean makeup brushes once a month.

Just like laundry, this tedious task works to remove bacteria growth, keeping unnecessary dirt away from the face. There's nothing better than applying makeup with a clean brush—especially if you want to try a smoky eye one day, and a nude eye the next. I use Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo for the monthly washes and Japonesque brush spray for weekly refreshes.

03. Toss old beauty products.

Almost every brand has their own use by date on the back of the packaging. Look for the expiration date in a small box with 12M or 24M written in it—meaning it lasts from 12 or 24 months from the first use. Generally, mascara lasts 3-6 months, lipsticks and glosses last about 12 months, and powders last about 24 months. Look at this purge as a good way to see what you loved from 2013 and what you may want to try for 2014!

04. Take better care of my hair.

Since I have long straight hair, I usually limit haircuts to twice a year. But I know adding in one more cut will eliminate overgrown split ends and give my hair better shape year round. My hairdresser recommends a moisture mask twice a month (my hair is fine) to keep it from breakage. My new favorite is L'Oreal Paris Hyaluronic Power Moisture Rush Mask. I apply it instead of conditioner, and leave it on for about 5 minutes for instant hydration and smoothness.

05. Exfoliate, Hydrate, Repeat.

This means head to toe(s)! Exfoliation sloughs away dead skin, revealing healthier, smoother skin. Hydration strengthens the skin's elasticity, which will keep it looking firmer over time. I usually neglect my feet, so I have my eye on the Clarisonic Pedi Foot Transformation Set, since I never seem to have the right tools for the job.