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Keeping it Simple: Versatile Statement Necklaces

If there's one accessory that's sure to spice up your personal style, it's statement necklaces—emphasis on the word statement. These flashy, traffic stopping pieces of jewelry add an element of fun to any outfit. It may seem counter intuitive to think of these big baubles as versatile. But, believe it or not, they can be worn with almost anything—besides perhaps, sweatpants.

Although the trend has been around for a while, we've rounded up 3 simple outfit ideas that stretch the boundaries for even your most glitzy necklaces.


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Look 1: Lovely Evening Wear

A classic little black dress is the perfect canvas for a bold and bright necklace. And, the winter season is the perfect time to revel in rich texture and extra sparkle.


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Look 2: Cool and Casual

The key to incorporating major glitz to a casual outfit is to contrast the necklace with fitted staples in tomboy patterns and shapes. Pairing a soft pullover sweater, layered over a rugged plaid button-down and a sparkly necklace is a fun and unexpected way to dress up a simple outfit—perfect for casual office days or weekend brunches. Button the plaid shirt all the way to the top or leave the collar slightly open to show off the necklace.


1. BaubleBar, $46 / 2. French Connection, ASOS $14.52 / 3. Gap, $64.95

Look 3: Play with Color

Don't be afraid to go with bold stripes and saturated hues, even if at first glance the colors do not seem to coordinate with the necklace. I like to say go big or go home when it comes to mixing and matching patterns and accessories—it's a statement necklace after all!   Opaque red tights brighten up even the grayest of winter days, and classic Parisian stripes can be paired with anything. Plus, a colorful necklace transitions well to your warmer weather wardrobe.