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Cozy Sweater Gift Wrapping

sweater gift wrap slider

Art Credit: Haruka Sakaguchi

Woolly sweaters are cozy and do the job on cold winter days. But a sweater's dated shape and aftercare can often relegate it to a dark corner in the closet.

This season, why not save on gift wrapping paper by repurposing your neglected sweaters to give your gifts a luxuriously cozy feel? This method is perfect for wrapping smaller, light-weight gifts for that lovable homebody in your life.

What You’ll Need:

For the box...

  • A gift box

  • A sweater sleeve, cut neatly

  • Double-sided tape

  • Twine

For the holly berry ornament ...

  • Round beads or marbles, about a half inch diameter

  • 1 ½” squares of sweater material

  • Twine

sweater gift wrap moodboard 1
  1. Place your gift box in the middle of the sweater sleeve. Leave a little over half of the box width worth of material on each side. Too much material will make it difficult for the box to stand up straight.

  2. On one side, bring the two edges together to create “dog ears.”

  3. Secure the “dog ears” with double-sided tape.

  4. On the opposite side, gather the sweater material and secure with twine.

Sweater gift wrap moodboard 2
  1. Place round bead or marble on top of a square of sweater material.

  2. Wrap the material around the bead and secure on a piece of twine, about a 3-4 inches long.

  3. Repeat with 1-2 more beads, secured relatively close together as shown above. This will help the “berries” bunch up together. Make sure to leave some twine to tie around the gift box.