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Thankful for Natural Model Management


Every time a woman turns the page of a fashion magazine, shops online, or looks up at an advertisement in Times Square, they are confronted with the absence of images of healthy women.

But there is a glimmer of hope for the fashion industry in the form of Natural Model Management. Natural Model Management—founded by Katie Wilcox—aims to "value models and their natural build and body size and encourage models to find a healthy balance in life and in their bodies." This integrated mission statement rang true with us here at Verily, and we have been so fortunate to work with them for our print issues!

As a model, Katie Wilcox experienced the negative effects of an industry that had no place for models with healthy body weight. In fact, Wilcox found her greatest success as a plus sized model, while weighing 50 lbs over her natural body weight.

Wilcox met and fell in love with Brad, a fitness model and instructor, who is now her husband. Over the course of two years, Wilcox lost 50 lbs by working out and eating well. For the first time Katie Wilcox came to peace with her natural and healthy body weight. Wilcox wanted to continue modeling, but there was no demand for healthy models like herself. So Wilcox founded her own modeling agency—Natural Model Management—valuing health over being thin or plus sized.

Wilcox and her husband also created a social platform called, Healthy is the New Skinny (HNS), to show the world how beautiful healthy can be. Healthy is the New Skinny provides women with the information and support they need to be the best versions of themselves.

How beautiful are Tiana and Sareenah? Check out their test shots for Natural Model Management, taken by the lovely and insanely talented Kat Harris in nearby Brookyln, New York. 


Photographer: Kat Harris / Wardrobe Stylist:  Tamara Gaudin / Hair + Make-up:  Michelle of Face Time Beauty /

Models:  Tiana and Sareenah, 

Natural Models Management LA


Location:  Prospect Park, Brooklyn New York