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Fashion with a Heart: 31 Bits

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31 Bits has made buying jewelry a much more selfless act.

During a life changing trip to Uganda over five years ago, Kallie—one of the founders of 31 Bits—met a group of Ugandan women who had been through war and poverty. These women were incredibly skilled in making jewelry beads from old poster materials. After bringing the jewelry back to the states, Kallie—along with Alli, Anna, Brooke, and Jessie—decided to start their own socially conscious business by taking jewelry and making it a vehicle for good.

Each bracelet, purse, or headband you purchase is made by women in Uganda who are completely funded through product sales. That means every time you make a 31 Bits purchase, you have a direct impact on women’s lives in Uganda. Their line of adorable accessories will go with just about any outfit and make perfect gifts for any occasion.

But the good doesn't stop there. 31 Bits has even implemented what the founders describe as a "five-year holistic development program".  According to 31 Bits, "each woman receives health education, finance training, counseling, and business training. She belongs to a community where she can earn an income, be educated, and dream for her future."

Now these are accessories we can feel good investing in!

We love their latest collection for the winter season featuring glittery gold beads on everything from bangles and statement necklaces to festive headbands!


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