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Try Risk-free Deodorants This Fall

deodorant, aluminum-free deodorant

Fall is here and, for many of us, that means we are no longer suffering in the heat wave that was summer. For some, that also means we might be able to stop wearing the triple-protection-super-powerful antiperspirant that we needed to survive in August. And that's a good thing because the stronger the antiperspirant qualities of a deodorant, the more it is filled with aluminum.

Is aluminum in antiperspirants really that bad? Some studies have found a correlation between aluminum and the increased chance of Alzheimer's disease or cancer. While these studies are largely inconclusive, it is enough to give women pause for thought. After all—unlike men—women shave their armpits before layering aluminum on freshly exposed skin. Aluminum just does not seem like a healthy metal to be soaking into our armpits on a daily basis.

If you'd like to cut down your aluminum intake, I'm happy to offer some tips, because aluminum-free deodorants can be hard to find at your local grocery store. Take one look at the deodorant aisle, and you'll find that consumer fear of sweating through clothes has largely shaped the market, since today almost all the offerings are aluminum-full antiperspirant. Technically aluminum is the antiperspirant ingredient, so any product that has the word antiperspirant on the label will contain aluminum when you look among its main ingredients. Products that use only the word deodorant likely do not have aluminum among the ingredients, as deodorant refers merely to any odor-reducing quality.

I've searched far and wide to find good quality aluminum-free deodorant, and I've found three that stand above the rest.

"Love is an Action" Deodorant for Her
This vegan, handmade deodorant made by North Coast Organics is your high-end alternative to antiperspirants, featuring a gorgeous scent of natural essential oils including lavender, coconut, rosemary, and cyprus. While the aroma uplifts your spirit, its name is a nice daily reminder. Available at

Trader Joe's Unscented Deodorant with Cotton
Aluminum free deodorants have to be creative to stop perspiration from ruining your day. This one uses the magic of cotton fibers to fight wetness and absorb moisture. It is unscented and paraben-free with conditioning herbal extracts to help smooth skin. Available at Trader Joe's grocery stores.

Tom's of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant in Wild Lavender
Tom’s of Maine is already known for its dedication to sustainable business practices and no animal testing. Now it's offering a healthy alternative to antiperspirants with its unique combination of odor-fighting hops and odor-trapping zinc salts, along with its 100% natural fragrance. Available at