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Style Sneak Peek: Nov/Dec Print Issue!

Our upcoming November/December issue is the fruit of so many talented artists, writers, and dreamers. Everything warms, sparkles, and shines—from holiday beauty and day-to-night party looks; to a chat with renowned designer, Rebecca Taylor and how-to winter hat hair with Naomi Davis of Love Taza.

Here are a few sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes to whet your appetite—enjoy!


For our Lavish Layers shoot—exploring the possibilities for layering rich textures this season—Verily traveled to Portland to shoot at the Columbia Gorge with photographer, Lisa Warninger, and  stylist, Alvin Stillwell . Every shoot requires a little last minute improvisation; for this shoot, it meant finding a vintage car as the ultimate prop!

It just so happened that our amazing make-up artist, Ailsa Hopper's husband had a 1963 P-1800 Volvo.  The catch? No one wanted to drive the old stick shift through the hills of Portland at a max speed of 40 mph. So, slightly terrified, I took up the task and the car made the shot. Well worth it!


Our feature spread Homestead took place in the quiet chill of White Rock Stables—except the weather in Dallas, TX was a sweltering 100 degrees!

Joined again by the fabulous Sara Kerens , we shot our fall/winter spread in the sweltering humid heat of August in Dallas.  But you never would have known! As luck would have it, our model—Alexandra—happened to be a Dallas native, grew up on a horse farm, and is an equestrian rider. I'd say it's pretty clear she and the horse had a good time—even with wardrobe changes and hair+makeup in the barn!


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