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Look Book Love: Naturalizer Shoes

When it comes to shoes, many of us have bought into the old motto, "No pain, no gain." But Naturalizer has introduced us to a world where stylish footwear doesn't have to mean discomfort.

Naturalizer's fall collection is chock full of ridiculously comfortable and cute flats, heels, and boots! The Naturalizer brand also believes comfortable shoes can help women move energetically through the day and live life to the fullest. All Naturalizer shoes have five essential features that are proven to provide all day comfort: extra cushioning, breathable linings, balance with every step, flexible soles and lightweight material.

Naturalizer has proven that you don't have to throw style by the wayside for comfort. For a New York City girl, this sounds like music to my ears! My fellow pedestrians can attest that comfortable shoes are worth their weight in gold. That is why I happily  featured Naturalizer's "Salene" bootie in our "Short Story" feature in the print November/December Issue.

Here's a round-up of our favorite fall/winter staples!


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1. / 2. / 3. / 4.