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Fashion with a Heart: Krochet Kids

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As the weather is starting to turn from steamy summer to crisp fall, we must begin to swap our trendy flower crowns for cozy hats. This Winter, how about a beanie that looks cute and gives back?!

Krochet Kids International sells cozy and fashionable hats, handmade by women in Uganda and Northern Peru. How does this give back?

The Krochet program starts by teaching women who are struggling in poverty the art of crocheting. Then Krochet Kids International employs them, paying them a steady wage.

With a steady wage, these women are able to provide food, shelter, and education for their families. And that is just the short term goal!

Krochet Kids International also sets up mentoring programs to train these women to eventually become their own small business owners and leaders in their communities. They advise the women on everything from personal finance and savings, to loans and business management.

It seems unbelievable that simply buying a hat can have such an impact on others in need—but it does! Each hat represents a hardworking woman who is filled with pride, love, leadership, commitment, determination and passion.

Better still? Each handmade hat is signed by the women who made it!

Here are a few of my picks for the ultimate fall headwear.


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