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Fall Beauty Roundup: New favorites from Belle Belle Beauty

The changing fall leaves remind us that change can be beautiful, especially when it comes to your beauty regime! Fall calls for darker and more moody shades, more hydrating potions, and flawless matte skin. Here is a list of beauty products to keep your skin seasonal and make staying on trend a treat!


01.) Smooth Finish Foundation Powder (02.) Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick (03.) KateCeuticals Replenishing Toner (04.) Fall Nail Collection (05.) IBUKI collection

1.) Leave it to the queen of great complexions—Laura Mercier—to come up with powder foundation that can blend and perfect on a range of skin types. As someone with dry skin, I was dubious about this formula. But Smooth Finish Foundation Powder offers a silky, natural looking finish that actually hydrates skin. The application is buildable, smooth, and can be applied either wet or dry.

2.) Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick makes fall vampy lips easy and enjoyable to wear with its hydrating, creamy, and shine-building formula. These lipsticks' sassy names beg for someone to ask what shade you are wearing. Opaque color is possible with just one swipe and the moisture load means no worrying about flaking.

3.) KateCeuticals Replenishing Toner is great for drier skin and drier weather. This toner's ingredients moisturize, even skin tone, and can help diminish fine lines. The milky cleanser removes excess makeup, leaving skin clean, but not stripped and dry.

4.) Shiseido launched a new skin care collection for those who want to be proactive about keeping their skin healthy as they age. The IBUKI collection is designed for those in their late 20s and early 30s, and works to prevent damage and restore skin. The Purifying Cleanser is gentle, yet foamy; and the Correcting Eye Cream nourishes while banishing dark circles. The range is appropriate for a wide range of skin types and moisturizing enough for the colder months.

5.) We’ve come to expect great shades from Essie, but they outdid themselves with their Fall Nail Collection. The collection's standout shade—For The Twill Of It—is a purplish grey with a metallic green effect. After School Boy Blazer is the perfect navy—a fresh neutral with a moody vibe, and Cashmere Bathrobe is like a cozy flannel echoing those cloudy fall days ahead.