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On The Streets at NY Fashion Week

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Art Credit: Amber Griggs

Emerging fashion photographer,Amber Griggs,finds delight in the clever, unusual, and beautiful human landscape of Manhattan. We had a chance to experience the thrill of NY Fashion Week from her perspective, behind the lens.

After a week of hubbub and hairspray, the spotlights in Lincoln Center have dimmed. Fashion Week charges ahead to London and then to the highly anticipated shows in Paris. On the outside, Fashion Week  can seem to focus on sparkly appearances, consumerism, and getting in with the right people. But the scene I witnessed last week seemed to transcend all the surface level pomp and pageantry.

Inside the tents you could see how the designers translated the trends into their own visual language. Outside the tents it was fascinating to witness these trends interpreted, tweaked, and lost in translation by people on the street. The energy of so many creative people in one place was palpable.

Every show was a unique explosion of artistry. Every aspect—from the music and the layout of the room, to the way the models walk, saunter, or strut to kill—is meticulously thought through to convey the mood and message of the collection. Seeing so many shows and original looks on the street inspires me to develop my own style and appreciate the style of others. It was a delight to attend 15 shows.

Instead of the superficiality I expected, I found beauty and people who love what they do. Here are 5 looks to inspire, worn by women at NY Fashion Week.

1. Black and white: The classic white button-up shirt prevails again. (This lady works for Spanish Glamour magazine).


2. Blue jean baby, L.A lady: From flower child to rockstar, in our current fashion generation, any decade goes.


3. Color, Color, Color: Balenciaga beauty.


4. Left:  Vintage Charm.

5. Right: Utterly ethereal. My favorite look from Cynthia Rolland. The model looks like she walked right out of a Caravaggio painting.