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New York Fashion Week S/S 2014

New York Fashion Week comes to a close today, and I was fortunate enough to be able to join the fray. For many, the high fashion world of designers, stylists, models and photographers sounds less than appealing. For some, the idea of Fashion Week may seem like excessive superficiality, but I personally found the whole experience reinvigorating.

Runway after runway, I was reminded that so much good can be drawn from the industry. Each show urged me to keep drawing out and highlighting the truly beautiful fashion that is worthy of mention within the pages of Verily.

Fashion is affected by an unbelievable array of factors: popular culture, history, art, consumerism. Reveling in the beauty of a designer’s creation—the materials constructed and the carefully chosen line, color, form, shape and feeling—is a productive thing. Clothes speak a language that can inspire all of us.

Just as the looks and trends for each season have been carefully chosen, we too can carefully curate our wardrobe and choose the message we want to convey with our personal style. Above all, remember to have fun with styles and trends that express who you are as woman and respect you as a woman. I'm trying to remember that myself!

Below are sneak peeks of the shows myself and other editors attended and our favorite trends from each!

Desigual: Mod Black and White


Rebecca Minkoff: South of the Border Sportswear


Ruffian: Parisian Girl


J. Crew: Surfs Up


Emerson: Garden Party Punk


 Images via Fashion GPS