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Expert Tips to Help 'Mompreneurs' Achieve Work-Life Balance

More and more women are choosing to take on their own business at the same time as motherhood.

Women are empowering, especially inspiring women who know how to run a business and home. Nearly 95 percent of women business owners are also moms, and one in four of those moms find operating a business to be harder than parenting, reports a recent poll. Whether you're a veteran business owner or just starting out, juggling the demands of a business, family and home is inarguably challenging. Ladies, find work-life balance with expert organization and the following helpful tips.

Start the Day Purposefully

Starting the morning with ornery kids or past deadlines can ruin an entire day's work. That kind of morning makes you feel frazzled, flustered and unbalanced. Establish a peaceful morning routine that includes meditation, yoga or prayer. You may even want to read quietly, take a warm shower or drink a cup of coffee before your family wakes up to ease into the productive day stress-free. A calming routine creates a centered mindset and improves focus that will help maximize your day.

Fund Your Business Wisely

If you're like most mompreneurs, your business needs to make money. The Small Business Administration recommends writing a business plan that includes financial details about how your business will run and profit. Business funding and investment can include a credit card. It gives you the freedom to buy supplies as needed, pay vendors or access capital any time. Credit cards with cash back from AMEX even offer discounts for gas and wireless telephone services.

Network with Supporters

Your work energizes and fulfills you professionally as it gives you an outlet for your creativity. No mompreneur can achieve success without support though. A network of supporters keeps you grounded.

Schedule free time into your day so that you can:

  • Call a friend when you need to vent about a difficult project.

  • Walk your kids to and from school.

  • Exercise or meditate if the stress of the day threatens to leave you screaming with distress.

Your network of supporters also helps you get more done every day.

  • Ask your husband and kids to take over more of the household chores.

  • Arrange for a babysitter to watch your kids during the day or after school.

  • Hire a virtual assistant to handle incoming phone calls, email and bookkeeping.

Track Your Time

Time management is essential for balancing work and life. You can't maximize and spend your time if you don't know how to track it. Apps can show you exactly where your time goes. Install Toggl Online Timer ($5/month) on your computer and phone. It tracks your online activity and uses reports to see how much time you spend on work-related activities, email or Facebook. The New York Times also suggests OfficeTime ($8) for your iOS phone and the free Timesheet-Time Tracker for your Android. With some digital assistance, you can maximize time and achieve desired balance.