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Meet Haruka Sakaguchi: Design Intern Extraordinaire


Who is the artist behind Verily's gorgeous Pinterest page and carefully curated web images? That would be Haruka Sakaguchi, Verily's Design Intern ExtraordinaireHaruka is a graphic designer, painter, and avid traveler. Not only has Haruka been helping to make Verily a more beautiful place, but she also recently launched her own design studio The Denizen Co.

It's been a joy working with Haruka during the course of her internship, and we couldn't let her go without introducing you to the woman behind all the beautiful. So, without further ado, meet Haruka Sakaguchi...

I Can’t get enough of...

1. Sibella Court's latest book Bowerbird

2. Frozen blueberries

3. and of course - Verily's August/September issue!

Q: Your curation of Verily’s Instagram and Pinterest pages has inspired our readers every day! Where do you find your own inspiration?

A: My travels. Last summer I had the opportunity to spend a week in the Amazon basin. The wooden settlements along the Napo River and the beautiful textiles I encountered there still hold a dear place in my heart. I am also deeply influenced by my current home, British Columbia. I love everything about it—the mountains, the trees, the persistent Pacific Northwest fog. I guess that explains the 500 cabin photos on our Pinterest page!

Q: What got you started in web/graphic design?

A: I was the awkward kid who had a blog at age 10. I would spend hours coding and designing it to make it look pretty. I went on to study Journalism and International Relations in college, but I couldn't shake off my passion for design. Finally I decided to take an InDesign course at a local college —I haven't looked back since!

Q: Where are you a year from today?

A: Happily retired —I wish! I'll probably be one of many recent college graduates scrambling to find a fitting job. What I do know is that I will be designing no matter what, hopefully for a brand that I am absolutely crazy about. Interning with Verily has certainly given me a taste of what that would be like!

Q:When was the last time you took a leap?

A: When I was 17 I moved from a small desert town in California to Glasgow, Scotland with nothing but a backpack and a handwritten address—I was petrified. Over the next six months I worked and backpacked throughout Europe. I got to wake up to flea markets in Berlin, stay in crappy hostels in Amsterdam, and see the Highlands on a motorcycle. Those were the best six months of my life.

Q: What has been your favorite Verily moment thus far?

A:Verily's feature article O, Alma Mater beautifully portrays our society's lack of appreciation for the most demanding unpaid profession of all —motherhood. Ms. Maginnis' poignant narrative helped me realize that public service is not necessarily measured in the breadth or size of the affected party. Instead, mothers choose to—as Maginnis puts it—"form a few people in a profound way." This article had more than a few a-ha! moments — a must-read!

Q: What Daily Dose says it all?

A: "Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” - Gustave Flaubert


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