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4 Easy Ways to Add Some Pretty Lighting to Your Backyard

These creative ideas will add some atmosphere to your outdoor gatherings.

August is the most savory summer month. The days are still long, the nights are still warm, and it has the lingering sweetness of a kiss goodbye. There's no better place to soak in the last few weeks of summer than in your own backyard. Grill up a feast with your friends and let the daylight fade away. Here are some creative ideas for adding ambiance and longevity to your backyard gathering.


ONE: The Chandelier. This is a fun and different idea to add some ambient lighting to any balcony's table.  Hung over the center of a table, this chandelier is affordable and gives the patio a much needed whimsical flare.

1. Take a bit of chicken wire and form a cylinder shape.

2. Stuff about three strands of twinkle lights with white cords inside the wire cylinder.

3. Pull a few individual lights through some of the open holes until the gaps in the wire look evenly filled in.

4. Take about two dozen paper flowers (found at West Elm) or a few fresh flowers and twist them around parts of the light  until you are happy with the overall look.

TWO: Twinkle Lights. This is a no-brainer, but should not be underestimated.  A simple string of lights around a tree or railing adds instant ambiance.

THREE: The Candles. These cute, delicate candle holders make the sweetest decoration scattered out and around a table.

1. Take cloth doilies and dip them in sugar starch.

2. Place them over balloons to dry.

3. Once dry, pop  the balloons, turn over, and place small tea candles inside.

FOUR: The String of Bulbs in the Pot.  This simple arrangement creates an unexpected table centerpiece and adds extra light to the entire space.

1.  Place a string of larger bulb lights inside a funky vase. Arrange them so they fill the vase to your liking.