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Wear New York: Meet Upcoming Designer Jia Li

Last week, I had the honor of wearing and modeling the Jia Collection for the #WearNewYork fashion show, a show profiling the top 15 emerging fashion designers to watch in NYC. Even after a long night strutting the red carpet and mingling with guests, I felt remarkably comfortable and elegant. I couldn’t help but want to know more about this collection known for its sophisticated, versatile, and luxurious designs. So I sat down with Jia herself to learn more about these unique collections.

Q: What made you want to start the Jia Collection?
A: Life for metropolitan working women can get quite demanding. Today’s woman has to juggle many different roles throughout the week and—whether it’s work, cocktail parties, or out with friends—having the perfect outfit for all of them is not easy. Jia collection gives a woman twice the wear out of one outfit. All you have to do is flip it! By giving women more options in each piece they own, we make dressing a lot easier.

Q: How would you describe your personal design aesthetic?
A: The silhouettes of my designs are classic with a modern twist. My pieces also exude an understated elegance and sophistication. I make sure not only the function but also the silhouette of the design is versatile enough, so the woman who wears it can easily stylize it to suit her own needs.

Q: Who is your target customer?
A: Jia created the collection for the cosmopolitan woman, this woman is routinely running from the office to a chic night out; the jet-setting fashionista, she relishes in packing light; and the consummate style guru, this woman loves to reinterpret a staple.

Q: Out of all of your designs, what is your favorite look?
A: This is a really hard questions, they are all my babies, and you don't pick a favorite among your babies. :) But I do have a few favorites among the fashion editorial, ADALINA (reversible 2-ways), ELENA (reversible 2-ways), MARGARET (reversible 2-ways), HAYDEN (reversible/convertible 6-ways).

Q: How inspired you to become a fashion designer?
A: Perhaps my greatest influence was growing up in Yunnan, the most ethnically diverse province of China, where many people dress in laboriously crafted costumes. The Jia Collection carries on this tradition of making excellently crafted clothing, while fitting the demands of the modern woman with greater sartorial ease.