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Take This Personality Test to Find Your Ideal Drink For National Tequila Day

Who needs an excuse for a refreshing cocktail?


If you have plans to grab a drink with friends tonight—in honor of National Tequila Day—try this twist on the classic margarita. Not sure what tequila is your type? Take the tequila personality test below to help you decide!

Margarita con Solerno

Substituting the traditional Triple sec with an Italian blood orange liquor takes the classic “on the rocks” cocktail to the next level.


Kosher salt

1 lime wedge

2 oz. tequila, preferably silver

½ oz. Solerno blood orange liquor

½ oz. agave syrup

1 oz. lime juice


1. Rub the lime along the rim of a glass (rocks glass or stemmed glass) and dip the rim in salt, shaking off excess.

2. Shake tequila, Solerno, syrup, and lime juice in a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice. Pour into glass with ice. Garnish with lime, mint, or orange.

Tequila Personality Test:

If you are struggling to choose a tequila that is right for you, don't get carried away talking about the difference between tequila and mezcal or the classifications of silver, reposado, and anejo. Let me tell you—it's will be simpler to take a quick personality test. Here for National Tequila Day, we have 6 tequilas matched to your personality.

Personality: Not one to be the all-night rager, you keep it straight-laced and clean, perhaps with a touch of l’air de sophistication. Keeping it classy, maybe even professional, you might need a little something to take off the edge.

Your tequila: Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Silver

Personality: Calm and cool on the outside and simplicity on the first impression, you give people a start once they get to know you. Spicy and vivacious once you come out of your shell. Heck, you might even give people the occasional kick in the pants.

Your tequila: Inocente Silver

Personality: An artist at heart, you’re often pointed out for your trendy style and taste. Smooth-talker and good around crowds, you sneak into the room unnoticed but you quickly become the center of attention.

Your tequila: Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Reposado

Personality: A wonderfully complex city-dweller begs, no deserves, an equally complex drink. With this tequila’s yeasty edge and slightly creamy notes, you may be reminded of your favorite bagel shop. In a good way.

Your tequila: Fortaleza Reposado

Personality: Working our way deeper into the flavor profiles, you are a rustic outdoorsy type who likes to take in the spice of life right on the nose. You never fail to make an unforgettable first impression.

Your tequila: Patron Anejo

Personality: Always refined, you secretly love that your friends accuse you of being a Francophile or snob. A stand-out among your peers, you have a certain age or wisdom to you, a joie de vivre, if you will. Probably from the years of aging in cognac casks.

Your tequila: Riazul Anejo