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These Beautiful DIY Terrariums Are Ridiculously Easy to Make (and So Stylish!)

You don't have to have a green thumb to add this perfect finishing touch to your home.
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During the warm summer months, we all love to be surrounded by all things green and leafy. The hard work involved in keeping-up a garden can be a way to relax for some, or  just-not-happening for others. But not all gardening involves raised beds, constant watering, and manual labor.

One way to bring the outdoors in, is to make a terrarium, highlighting a few choice plants in an artistic setting. Whatever your skill level or living situation, terrariums make gardening a breeze with little maintenance and constant viewing pleasure.

Here is what you need to get started:

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How to Make Your Own Terrarium: 

1. Choose Your Plants Wisely. Decide if you want a single plant to be the focal point of your terrarium or if you want several plants that complement each other. If you do opt for multiple plants, remember to mix up height, color, and texture. But take care to choose plants that enjoy the same diet of moisture and light. If your terrarium will be on a table near a south- or west-facing window, be prepared to use a sun-loving variety. For darker locations or windows with northern light, better to choose a shade-lover.

Most of all, be careful not overplant. Most plants will continue to grow in size within the container, so you’ll want to let them have room.

2. Fill your Jar. Fill the jar with potting soil until it is about one-fourth to one-third full. Dig out a shallow hole in the middle, where you plants will go

3. Plant Away! Remove your plants from their store-bought pots, gently loosening the remaining dirt and roots. Arrange each plant in the potting soil, carefully pressing down around the plant. If your jar’s opening is too narrow for your hand, use a long spoon. After arranging the dirt, feel free to wipe down the sides of the jar for a cleaner look.

4. Water your Terrarium. Be careful not to over-water your plants. Water only when the soil looks dry. Cover the jar. If the jar becomes clouded with condensation, simply remove the cover for a few hours.

Now sit back and enjoy your little garden on your table!