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Advice for Princess Kate: How to Survive Early Baby Days

baby George

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The ladies of Verily Magazine are pleased to welcome Royal Baby—ahem, Prince George Alexander—to Kate and William.The couple is reported to have announced: "It's been very emotional." Kate then added: "Any parent will know what this feeling is like."

Truer words were never spoke. From one new mom to another, I'm pleased to offer Kate (and any new mom bringing home a baby prince or princess) some tips I found handy in my own early days of momhood.

1. Clear Your Schedule & Throw Away Your To-Do List. You may be a duchess with many social duties, but you also have the ability to hang low, spend these early days with husband and baby, and simply recuperate from a cosmic experience that is called labor for a reason. This is a luxury you should take advantage of, and don't look back. You are likely, however, to look back in regret if you over-commit yourself during this uniquely challenging time.

2. Keep a Daily Journal. If there's one thing you leave on your to-do list, make this it. Having a baby turns your daily routine and expectations on their head, and for savvy women like yourself who may be used to multitasking with a smiling face, the inability to get everything done is a potentially huge downer. Avoid this by writing in your journal at least one positive thing a day that you've done or simply experienced. This keeps things in perspective—a quality moment with baby George is more important than anything else that might try to command your attention in these early weeks and months. This also helps you to keep all the days from running into each other, which is known to happen when you go days sleeping for only 1-2 hour increments.

3. Remember There is Light at the End of the No-Sleep Tunnel. My baby slept through the night at 6 months. Some babies learn naturally, others need to be eased into it. But avoid the temptation to think winging it will work—some babies need more guidance to learn how to get a good night's sleep.

4. Hit the Books. I highly recommend that you equip yourself with at least these two expert books:

These books are easy to navigate and offer a wealth of simple and systematic recommendations.

Be be sure to watch Happiest Baby on the Block with your husband. Fathers especially eat this DVD up!  This short tutorial teaches couples quick and easy techniques for how to sooth a crying baby, which equip any previously nervous baby person to be an instant baby whisperer.

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