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Summer Street Style

For the most part, we take our style cues from the everyday women in our lives – family, friends, co-workers, and just passerby’s – who wear something with ease and confidence; a natural extension of their personality.

It's good to celebrate amazing style on real women. Appreciating and encouraging one another is one small step toward creating a culture of affirmation.  A simple, “I love your dress” or “That’s such a pretty color on you” to a friend–or even better yet–a complete stranger, can make all the difference in the world to a woman.  Let’s do it more often!

We can’t wait to share with you the beautiful women we see walking the city sidewalks, perusing the grocery aisle, or standing in line at the corner coffee shop. These women inspire us by taking fashion off the glossy pages of magazines and making it their own.

This summer, Manhattan is teeming with ladies who’ve found ways to beat the heat in style!


Art Credit: Amber Griggs

Look 1: Make a Statement… with accessories. This is THE statement necklace of all necklaces. If you’re going for this big (and colorful) of an accessory, go for nudes or neutrals as a backdrop with your attire. A trendy, Panama style hat is another fun summer trend to throw in the mix.

Look 2: Fluoro Fun. Who would’ve thought to pair a hot pink, three-quarter-length sleeved top and neon tulle skirt? Colors in the same hue family – warm toned pinks and yellow – actually balance each other out and just scream summer.

Look 3: Pretty Preppy. The feminine polka dot sun dress layered over a sheer, nude blouse is a delicate, semi-casual look for summer. The preppy touch is in the top button, while comfortable nude flats lengthen the leg and a simple black belt accentuates the waist.

Look 4: Retro DO. We’re gushing over this retro 1940’s updo, such a fun way to keep hair off your face and neck on a hot and humid day. If you’re going with retro for hair or make-up, balance the look out with a modern print or silhouette. Her tribal patterned cap-sleeve top does just that.