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Special Shoe sale for Verily Readers, courtesy of Coclico

Coclico Shoes Private Sale Verily Magazine

We are excited to offer you an exclusive 20% off sale to Coclico. The sale applies to both their spring collection and sale shoes - but today and tomorrow ONLY!

This special sale is for Verily readers only, so enjoy your special gift and take this moment to introduce your friends to Verily so they can get the sale too. But remember, it's today and tomorrow, only. So share the shoe love now! And don't forget to subscribe to Verily here.

Verily has fallen for the Coclico collection for it's understated beauty, simplicity, and comfort. Primarily inspired by nature, the brand strives to respect its muse in the design and manufacturing process.

Coclico makes high-quality shoes that balance the rigors of modern urban life with the desire for elegant, sleek design.  Each pair is created with consideration for the natural beauty, utility, and environmental impact of its materials, resulting in eco-conscious footwear that is as beautiful as it is long-lasting.

Production is done from start to finish in a small family owned factory in Majorca, Spain, noted for providing living wages, safety standards, and environmental reliability.  An olive grove actually surrounds the factory and actually produces olive oil! Spanish leather, in our humble opinion, is also the most pliant, buttery soft leather that there is.

Coclico uses solid Portuguese cork for many shoe soles, never plastic with a veneer.  Cork is used as much as possible, even in covered wedges, platforms, and flats.  It is harvested without killing the tree in very controlled Portuguese tree farms. This strong yet light material is great for shock absorption.

What can we say? We love Coclico and they love Verily back. Which is why we are having this exclusive deal just for you. Enjoy!