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Meet Jessie Artigue: Expert Stylist and Style Blogger


Jessie Artigue is a style expert in the fashion, beauty, and health industries and runs the blog Style & Pepper. Jessie is the stylist behind Verily's "Look Great On The First Date " spread and cover photo.

Q: What was the inspiration behind the styling in Verily's "Look Great On The First Date" shoot?

A: I liked to think about my first date with my husband. I was just wearing what I had on for class that day, but I felt like I looked cute because of the way that he treated me. Normally when I style shoots, it's very stream-of-consciousness. I start with one trend or one small component and let the rest go from there.

Q: What was the intention behind the belt in the Park Picnic scene?

A: I love this belt! It's vintage, and I bought it on Poshmark. I think the belt made sense for the date. She was going to be on a bike and on her way to the park, maybe she has a picnic basket or iced coffee? She's not going to want the hassle of a big handbag.

Q: Who was your gateway into the fashion world?

A: Style was very much a part of my Nana and she instilled that in me. When my parents would go away for the weekend, I would stay with her– playing in her closet, and clicking around in her high heels. I remember from a very young age, sitting on her vanity counter and watching her put on her makeup. And even now, if I get a whiff of Neutrogena, the original orange pump soap, memories of her come flooding back to me. Right up until she passed at 95, she would have me apply her lipstick for her, and why not if it makes you feel your best?

During my awkward teenage years, my Nana and my parents constantly told me, “Regardless of how you feel, and regardless of what others say, you’re still beautiful.” Giving that to a teen girl is truly priceless. What makes you feel great about yourself may not be what the world says looks great, and that’s okay. How you feel and how you present yourself is really what matters and that’s going to allow you to accomplish great things.

Q: Who do you look to as a style icon?

A: My mom may not be famous, but I am very drawn to the photos I have of her in the late 60′s and early 70′s. That’s the era of music I like to listen to, that’s how our home is decorated, and that vibe is definitely reflected in my own personal style.

I also like to look to stylists who are creative and make people tilt their head a little bit. Stylist Elisa Nalin, is always pushing the envelope with her outfits. Every time I see an outfit of hers, I think, how did she come up with that? It blows me out of the water.

Q: Is there a look that you are particularly drawn to when putting together an outfit?

A: I really love high contrast looks. For instance, the juxtaposition of menswear inspired pieces, directly next to really feminine, frilly pieces. To me, that's ultimately combining things that feel like they probably shouldn't go together, but are what make a layered, visually interesting look. There are some moments when you cross your fingers and walk out the door and think, "I hope this works!"