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Gentlemen Speak: Men Aren't as Afraid of Commitment As Everyone Says

If you're looking for a committed relationship, take my word that there are men out there who want that too.
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The life of a musician is one that requires a fair bit of traveling. I travel from city to city singing, playing my guitar, and writing my lyrics. Like all writers in search of inspiration, I walk around with my eyes wide open. And in every city I visit, every bar I play in, I can't help notice the dating scene.

As a performer, I notice these audiences still respond to lyrics about fidelity, loyalty, and devotion. But I wonder how much they're a reality in their lives.

I'm doubtful because, as a guy, I see how many men are acting these days toward women. It's commitment-averse. Today's average young man at the bar is committed to his career, his "options," himself—and not much else.  As a result, I think some women may have given up on us and have adopted a "take what I can get" attitude. Perhaps some have even convinced themselves that they don't want commitment after all.

As a songwriter, this makes me sad. Committed love are among of the most profound things to sing about. I think we all desire commitment in some way, but in today's world and with today's men, I imagine it can be scary to demand it.

Especially when one's surrounded by a dating scene of men who believe that their careers, good times, and casual sex will satisfy their deepest needs. For these men, relationships that take some work, commitment, self control, and giving of themselves is avoided at all costs. As someone who plays music for a living, I can relate to the men who want the freedom to pursue interesting and exciting careers. But I also know that, in the end, its the quality of love that we give that matters most—not the quantity. I long with all my heart to share my life with a wonderful woman.

I may be  just one guy, but I'm not the only one. So if you're a woman looking for a committed relationship, take my word that there are men out there who want that too. There are many guys out there who are also singing this tune. Maybe we should pump up the volume.