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What's Your Story? Join the conversation between I Am That Girl and Verily!

Verily and I Am That Girl know that girls and women are bombarded with messages that tell her what she is not; we work every day to help her love what she is.


In media, and particularly in magazines, the narrative about women fails to capture their inherent beauty, vibrancy, and multi-faceted lives. We think it’s time for a new story.

It’s time to reexamine the stories told to us by media about who we should be, the stories we internalize, and the stories we tell others. Verily is a magazine that is less about who you should be, and more about who you are. Together with I Am That Girl, we aim to engage the hearts and minds of women across America to join in conversations that affirm women's worth. Let’s tell the story we want to be told.

Over dinner, we plan to share our personal stories and how they affect our understanding of ourselves. We want to engage in fresh conversations and help each other strive each day to become the best version of ourselves.

We invite you to join us online for behind-the-scenes access to our VIP launch dinner in Los Angeles on Tuesday, May 21st, at 7:30 pm PT. As we will be talking over dinner, we want you to join the conversation on Twitter! Follow @verilymag and our hashtags to spread the word with #VerilyLaunch, #MyStory / #HerStory / #MediaStory. See you there!

While you’re at it, join the movement by subscribing to Verily and checking out I Am That Girl.