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The Case to Pause Before Clicking Share

elea-chang SHARE

Art Credit: Elea Chang

I’ve developed an interesting new habit over the last two weeks. You see, two weeks ago I deactivated my Facebook account. I haven’t logged in at all in two weeks. Gasp!

I’ve noticed a change since then: No longer resorting to the general “share” button, I am more intentional in my communication and in how I hear news.

For instance, I used to get my news from Facebook—I hate to admit this publicly, but that’s how I found out about the death of Osama bin Laden. No longer on Facebook, I go to the actual news sites to read the news. And I’m finding fascinating articles by some fascinating people.

And when I read one of these fascinating articles, instead of thinking, “Oh I should post this on Facebook,” I think, “Who do I know that would really appreciate this?” and I send it to them personally. It’s an entirely new thought process.

Same goes for pictures I snap with my phone. Who would really enjoy this incredible Snow Dragon that the high schoolers made in front of the school?

Same for random status updates. Who would get a kick out of me sitting at a red light watching tumbleweed literally tumble across the road? Perhaps my friends back east. Or—reality check—perhaps no one!

Nowadays, I find myself making much more thoughtful, personal decisions about what I share and who I share it with. I guess the ironic part about all this is that you are likely reading this . . . on Facebook. But the point isn’t about being active on Facebook or not. In fact, I might even return one day, considering that a friend of mine started an official “Petition to Keep Laura on Facebook” page. It’s about pausing to think more personally about communication before clicking that one-size-fits-all “Share” button.

So, the moment of truth: who do you want to share this with?

(Photo by Elea Chang )