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Styling with Suzi Grgurich


Suzi Grgurich is a wardrobe stylist living in Los Angeles. Suzi has worked for Miss Sixty, Style Network, E! Entertainment, People Style Watch, and The Hollywood Reporter. Suzi was the stylist behind Verily's June/July Swimwear spread and Verily's teaser issue. 

Q: What was it like working with Verily Magazine on two of our style feature photo shoots?

A: Amazing! I love making women feel great and Verily celebrates women and their lives with a positivity that few magazines have yet to accomplish. The women who are featured in Verily are beautiful on the inside and out, and the clothes radiate that glow!

Q: How did you get started in styling?

A: I got my start in styling at a sports agency. I represented the NBA, styling for the players and their wives. When I graduated from the Fashion Institute, I broke out on my own and began a personal shopping business and making contacts in LA as I went along. Somehow it all fell into place, and today I still work with some of my amazing personal styling clients.

Q:Who or what has been the most influential in your styling work?

A: My mom had a major influence on my style. I didn't realize this until a few years ago, but she has amazing style and taste! We don't live in the same city, but we end up buying half of the same things! I also love the direction that Jenna Lyons has taken JCrew and the aesthetic from the 70's. I love mixing patterns and fashions, and enjoy bringing that free-spirit in my work. Fashion should always be playful and fun, you should look at a photoshoot and want to take part in it-- living it and having fun with the idea of it.

Q: What are some tips for developing personal style?

A: Confidence in yourself is the first step. After embracing your body and unique look, I think personal style becomes second nature. I always encourage women to find things that make them feel confident! If you love a trend, work it-- but if it isn't right for you, move on. Developing personal style can take years, and I think it changes as we age or enter different stages of life.

Q: What is one essential thing every woman should know when it comes to style?

A: Dress for your body! Get to know what styles flatter your unique silhouette and what styles complement the features you love about yourself! Once you find these great cuts, you can always bring a trend of the moment into your wardrobe through accessories.

Q: What summer looks are you excited to rock this season?

I am so excited to wear sorbet and pastel color leathers. I just picked up a great peach leather top that is just beautiful. Also, I love the look of the shorts suit, especially in prints. Rocking the prints is a must!

Left: refinery29/Right: Rachel Roy S/S 2013