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Night Out? A Little Inspiration!

During a conversation with some girlfriends, the topic of dressing with intention came up. We all agreed that there is an innate confidence we feel when we like our outfit, and that there is no worse feeling than an ill-fitting pair of pants, a shorter-than-we-thought skirt, or a faulty button on a blouse. When we dress to go out, whether at a sports bar or a night club, we create a vignette about who we are, notably by the fit of the clothes and the way it expresses our personality.

When I throw open the closet doors to choose an outfit, I gravitate toward tailored pieces that are comfortable to wear. The fun part comes in deciding colors, patterns, accessories, and makeup. I like to start with basics that act as a neutral foundation, and work in my favorite trends.

Gone are the days when I was tempted to ravage racks of "going out tops" that were covered in glitter and lacking fabric. It's time to shop your closet, update your basics, and have fun with accessories!

Here are 5 closet staples that could work for any and all contexts, which makes getting dressed for a night out a whole lot easier.

Dressing with Intention staples


01. The classic, tailored blazer looks polished with just about anything. Try pairing this structured blazer with any of these more flirty pieces to add contrast: 02. A brightly colored, free form maxi dress, 03. Funky printed pants, or 04.a high waisted flouncy skirt.

05.A pair of dark wash jeans create a clean line from hip to ankle, and flatter every shape, making them indispensable.

06.Whether you're having dinner at Cipriani's or going from the office to cocktails, a pair of pointy toe heels add an element of sophistication.

07. A pencil skirt elevates basics, and can look just as appropriate for a meeting as it would for martini night.

08.  A white blouse is the epitome of elegance and effortlessness.

dressing with Intention accessories


Experimenting with variations of your go-to staples extends the life of your wardrobe and saves time for the best part of dressing for a night out-- accessorizing.

01. Piles of bracelets jazz up a blazer or pencil skirt.

02.An oversized cocktail ring brings a touch of glamour to a basic white blouse.

03.A bright pink lip is as simple as it is bold.

Try coordinating your shoes and clutch to transform a monochromatic palette into a stylish statement. Making slight adjustments with what you already own makes for an inspired and budget-friendly night on the town.