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Meet The Women of Weaver House


Art Credit: The Weaver House

The Weaver House is a photography and design studio based in Portland, Oregon. Founders and twin sisters, Hannah and Kelty, produced, directed, and photographed Verily's Poetry in Motion spread in the June/July issue. 

Q: What inspired you to create The Weaver House?

A: We knew we wanted to begin an umbrella company for all of our creative endeavors and also loved the idea of one day having a real brick and mortar studio and shop.The original Weaver House was an Inn, built in 1851 in the town of Loyal, WI. Our great, great, great grandparents, Barbara & Elias Weaver, were pioneers of the small midwestern town, and hosted travelers from across the US at their Inn. Primarily run by the women in our family, we felt proud to continue the name in our own small business. The Weaver House was born from this family story and our desire to create a design house that could also be a place to work and sell goods one day. A family business like our ancestors had-- but re-spun.

Q: Your talents don’t stop at The Weaver House, you both have so many personal creative projects as well. Is work/life balance a challenge for you?

A: We are constantly struggling for balance! While we feel blessed to have such overlap and flexibility with what we do, it's hard not to frustratingly blur those lines. With the benefit of following our own path comes the challenge of figuring when a work day actually ends (maybe never?!) Getting to work with and for our friends is one of the sweetest parts of our job, and the best thing about building our own path and integrating those we love into the process.

Q: What is your favorite kind of creative project?

A: One of our favorite things to do is to brand someone from start to finish: photography, print, web, logo-- the whole shebang! We feel lucky to be able to work with such talented artists and small businesses, helping their visual presence match the talented work they bring to the world.

Q: You both work on Kelty’s vegetable farm, which was also the setting for Verily’s Poetry in Motion feature photo shoot. How does your farm life inspire your work?

A: We love that we're surrounded by an atmosphere of hard-working, sustainable outdoorsiness, and are constantly inspired to get out into nature to help with the growing and harvesting. Everything we see and do out there inspires us, opens our minds and refreshes our work and approach.

Q: Your design and direction for Poetry in Motion, our Emily Dickinson inspired feature, was full of whimsy and narrative. Does storytelling often come into play in your work?

A: Storytelling combines fantasy and reality, which we feel makes for dynamic photos. We like to shoot people or places in their genuine state, not too posed, and aim to infuse our own imagination into the process!

Q: Were there any comical moments during the Verily photo shoot?

A: The day of shooting was fantastic! We all braved the elements, did jumping jacks to stay warm, protected our lovely model from raindrops, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the inspiration come together in real life. We got a real kick out of finding out that Meredith, the model, had never before potted a plant. Seeing her wonder and joy at doing this for the greenhouse scene was both hilarious and sweet.