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Look Book Love: Maddy Nash

handbag-postDate Night Shoot

Catch that bright yellow clutch? We couldn't forget it! We were thrilled to work with Jessie Artigue, of  Style & Pepper, for our "Look Great on the First Date" spread in this upcoming June/July issue! For this date night look, Jessie introduced us to the one-of-a-kind designs of Maddy Nash, a fantastic line of personalized purses. Choose your style, fabric, and write your own label for each unique handbag that's all your own. Be sure to subscribe to see the rest of this spread in our print issue! Have you ordered your copy yet?

Speaking of handbags… we couldn't help but whip up a dream list of practical carryalls we busy women need. Despite what some may think, there is a valid reason to own more than one purse. Here are 5 basic bags that'll suit your needs.



01. The clutch is a much more practical piece than it is given credit for. It is the perfect size to hold the essentials: keys, lip balm, wallet, cell phone, headphones. In the event that you are running to get a coffee on your lunch break, or meeting friends for dinner after work, you can grab your clutch without worry that you are forgetting something.

02. Backpacks are no longer only for school days. Now that we are all grown up, backpacks can be a practical choice for travel. The shoulder strap is a hands-free solution in the case of carrying too much, and the contents remain zipped, even if you're running through the airport to catch your flight.

03. The tote, is a classic carry-all that never fails to look polished and effortless. This bold red makes a statement with neutral outfits-- whether jeans and a t-shirt on the weekend, or a blazer and heels for the workweek. With plenty of room for your laptop, water bottle, clutch, notebook, and bag of chocolate covered almonds, a tote is a more-is-more-girl's best friend!

04. It really pays to carry a reusable tote folded up in your tote or backpack, rather than adding to the collection of shopping bags under the kitchen sink. Both environmentally-conscious and convenient, this nylon Baggu tote can be folded into a tiny square, or packed full with groceries on your way home.

05. Carrying coins in the tiny zippered section of your wallet adds unnecessary bulk. But this tiny coin purse insures that all of your coins are zippered neatly inside and offers easy access, rather than hiding in the depths of your purse, never to be found again. A coin purse is also great for cash and cards at times when even a clutch is too much to carry.