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4 Creative Ideas to Try If You Love Fresh Flowers But Want to Save Money

You don't have to have a beautiful vase (or a fancy bouquet) to add some fresh florals to your home.

Art Credit: Sara Charlesworth

My husband, our dog, and I live in a pre-war, 900 square foot home in the heart of Salt Lake city. I love decorating with beautiful fresh flowers, but don't always have the money or storage for pretty vases to display them. I find myself looking for reusable solutions that look just as good, and add a more unique eclectic display than the alternative. The key is to keep the flowers and arrangements simple, this way the overall look compliments itself.

1. Mason Jars: We tend to use mason jars for just about everything around our home and we decided "well why not flowers too?" I love this idea. You can purchase a dozen at the store for under $10 and they look enchanting with a few elegant flowers placed inside.

2. Frappuccino Bottles: I always hate throwing glass bottles away and reusing them as a vase for flowers works brilliantly. Just peel away the sticky label, smother the sticky residue left on the bottle with peanut-butter, allow to sit for an hour or so, then rinse the residue off with a sponge and warm water. Be sure to clean the inside well and you're set.

3. Soup Cans: I can't take all the credit for this idea as I found it on Pinterest, but it's still a fantastic one nonetheless. I think a few flowers in one of these soup cans looks so charming and I love the idea of reusing them. You can see how to prepare the can as well as the original idea here.

4. Soda Bottles: A few years ago after drinking this Mexican Sprite, I kept the bottle wanting to reuse it for something … anything. It eventually became the perfect vase for plopping a few flowers in and I really love the way it looks.

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Sara Charlesworth is a design loving girl full of quirks, living in SLC; but dreaming of life in NYC. Sara's blog, Chalk White Arrow, is a place for her to share her home, family, personal style, design tips, and small things and tidbits she picks up along the way.