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Trend to Try: Black and White

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Verily_Trend to Try: Black & White


Black and white are two rudimentary colors we tend to gravitate towards whenever there’s a dubious "what do I wear?!" moment. But, pairing the two hues together is a fresh way to add instant sophistication to a look. The best part of this unexpected spring trend is its wearability and chic simplicity; perfect for any occasion, day or night!

Another great reason to rock this dichromatic trend - as if you need one!- is that the color combination is universally flattering. Depending on how you mix the two high-contrast hues - for instance, darker on bottom and lighter on top, or vice versa - you can highlight your shape and accomplish a look that is simultaneously classic and bold.

Styling Tips to Try:

01. This gorgeous sheer blouse is especially stunning paired with complementing white trousers or even black skinny jeans!

02. The ingenious print pattern on this top looks fantastic with basic bottoms or a black and white skirt.

03. If you're going for a dress, go bold with big black and white stripes. The sheer layer gives the graphic pattern a more light, summer feel.

04. Hesitant to wear white pants? Relax! You're bound to look fantastic in these white trouser with subtle black detailing and a boyfriend-jean fit.

05. Again, the black and white color combination is perfect and appropriate for transitional day to night looks. These classic, open-toed high-heels can be dressed up elegantly or worn casually with jeans.

06. This roomy and practical white bag with black peek-a-boo detailing has just the right amount of edge.

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Donna Kim

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