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Keeping it Zipped with Chelsea Lankford: Talking Style, Body Language, & Blogging


You modeled in Walk the Talk, an article about body language in Verily’s upcoming June/July Issue. Did you learn anything about body language in the process?

After the Verily photo shoot, I was much more conscious of how I presented myself in meetings with my coworkers and even one-on-one with my boss. Posture is very important, but it’s also important to use your body in a way that will emphasize your words, without leaving room for misinterpretation. Each movement you make can influence the effect of what you have to say.

Your blog, Zipped, is your own virtual style inspiration board. What inspired you to start blogging? 

After high school, I was working only fifteen hours a week, living at home, and spending all of my time creating outfit collages and mood boards on my laptop. After awhile, my mother suggested I start writing a blog and sharing my ideas on the Internet. If it hadn't been for her, I would never have started writing Zipped.

What do style choice and body language have in common?

What I wear dictates my comfort level, and my comfort level dictates how I move. I carry myself differently on casual Fridays -- wearing jeans and a sweater -- than I do wearing a sheath dress to a monthly meeting, and my resulting attitude affects the decisions I make during each day. It’s a cheesy saying, but “dress for success” has always held true in my book.

What was one of the biggest challenges you faced as a new blogger? 

The most difficult thing about being a new blogger was definitely getting people to read my blog! I spent hours commenting on thousands of other people's blogs in the hopes that people would view mine--it took a lot of dedication. The time commitment was also a challenge. At first I was blogging five days a week, but once I started getting busy with projects and more hours at work, I had to cut back to three days a week. Finding a balance is a constant challenge for part-time bloggers!

When you want to ooze confidence, what is your go-to style choice? 

In the office, nothing makes me feel more on top of the world than a well-fitted black blazer. On the weekends, I like to break up the monotony of my favorite dark skinnies. I love the boyfriend jeans I picked up a few weeks ago, they make me feel so good!

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