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Fashion with Heart: A-Thread


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A-Thread is an online boutique of everything we are craving for Spring: punchy tops, statement necklaces, striped skirts, and dainty gold bracelets. Every styled look is giving us major inspiration!

Sibling founders Kevin and Jin Chon provide the opportunity for their shoppers to support a charity during checkout. 5% of all purchases are donated to charities that partner with A-Thread, such as KivaThirst Relief InternationalLA Animal Services, and Children of the Night.

"Shop and effect" is the motto that A-Thread wove through their business model to give consumers the ability to shop with a heart, whether through loan support for those in poverty, $5 for 25 years of clean water, animal rescue and shelter, or saving children from human trafficking in North America. A-Thread tracks the various success stories of each charity on their blog. How gratifying to be able to follow the ways in which your dollars spent have changed lives!