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Blast From The Past: Half-Moon Nails

When going for vintage glam, most women opt for a classic red or pink finger nail polish. But the sparkling women of the 1920's and 30's had more fun experimenting with nail color and design than you might think. Fashion forward women were known to apply nail polish only at the center of their nail, leaving a half-moon near their cuticle bare. These glamorous women were not afraid to sport colors like black, deep corals, and silver or gold to match the color of their dress. So if you are looking to go retro with your nail beds, you're in for a treat--the half-moon manicure is back!

You may be thinking, "this looks great on long nails, but mine are cut short." To give you hope, I gave it a try and discovered that we short-nailed ladies can pull it off just as well! Follow along for an at-home manicure worth the extra time.

1) Get your tools. Pick up a pack of nail-guide stickers for a couple bucks (like this one by Orly, also available at your local beauty supplier) and a pair of nail colors. Any color combination works, but I find having one metallic and one matte color creates a subtle, sophisticated effect. As always, base and top coats are a must to lengthen the wear of your at-home stylings. ( Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Hot Coco, Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Glity Party)


2) Over your basecoat, apply 2 coats of your half-moon color. This is the color that will appear on the bottom half of your nail. Here, I chose Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Glity Party.


3) Wait an hour. I'm probably exaggerating here, but waiting too little time will mess up everything, so pick up a good novel or magazine and read for an hour. Or, hey, surf the Verily blog and share it on Facebook. Just don't do the next step until you're sure your nails are completely dry.

4) Apply the nail-guide stickers to each fingernail. Press hard to make sure it's completely sealed against your nail, even at the corners. You don't want any nail polish sneaking underneath the sticker in the next step!


5) Apply 2 coats of your secondary color over the nail guides. I chose Steel Grey by Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro. Wait again, until dry.


6) Remove the stickers.Only once you are sure your nails are completely dry, carefully and slowly pull off the nail-guides. Follow with a top coat, and voilà!


Wear with a bold colored outfit for your next dinner party, or go to work in style with subtle hues. Your grandma would be proud.