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Style with a Story: LYDALI Brings Heart back to the Market


Here at Verily, we never cease to be inspired by truly good brands, especially ones that invite us all to a greater awareness of the power we wield with our shopping choices. So you can imagine how stoked we were to learn of LYDALI, a San Francisco-based fashion and homewares company that sells unique, reasonably priced artisan goods from around the globe—and tells the stories of those who created them.

Lydia Harter and Ali Price started Lydali in 2011 to "create an online store that sold beautiful one-of-a-kind goods and connected the customers with the artisans who made the products.” Both Harter and Price had traveled extensively, and shared a similar style, but realized that they “also shared the same awareness that talent is universal, but opportunity isn't. Many of the talented artisans we had met on our travels were unable to grow their businesses and sell their products here in the US.

“We often don't realize how much power we have to make smart choices that impact people's lives by the way we spend our money. By telling the story behind how our products are made, it's our hope that people will start to think more about where the products they buy are made and who is affected by their purchases. I'm as guilty as anyone of buying a cute top at somewhere like Forever21 and not giving a thought to who might be affected by my purchase, but I want to be more careful about how I spend my money, and learning the stories behind products you buy can help to do that.”

Now that's some international trade we can all get behind!


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Be sure to check out LYDALI's beautiful online store!