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Style Crush! A Piece of Toast


Here at Verily, it's no secret that we love a good blog, so today we're beyond thrilled to feature Molly and Sally, sisters and creators of the ever growing lifestyle and fashion blog A Piece of Toast. Get to know these amazing ladies and multi-taskers: how they keep their creative juices flowing, what keeps them going while having full-time jobs, and their personal style rules. Plus, they share their winter wish list for Verily women. Read on!

1. We love a Piece of Toast—you both have stellar eyes for all things beautiful. How did each of you develop your sense of style? It's been a journey. Finding our "personal styles" is something that has definitely evolved over time. We credit our sense of style to our mom who has the best taste with interiors, clothing, jewelry, gifts—you name it! She taught us the importance of picking pieces based on quality and longevity; trends will come and go but it's worth investing in "go-to" items for your closet that will last for years or decor items you can take from home to home. Because we are sisters (and current roommates) we typically end up gravitating towards the same things. But there are little quirks that make us unique—we love that we are so similar yet so different at the same time!

2. With full-time jobs, what inspired you both to spend precious extra hours creating your blog? (Seriously, you're multi-tasking super women!)We started the blog nearly 2 years ago (time flies!) when both of us were newbies to living in Dallas. A Piece of Toast started out as a creative outlet, and now we couldn't be busier! Yes, sometimes the blog does seem like a second full-time job, but in a way, it has changed our lives and we could not be more grateful for the opportunities, friendships, and genuine connections that have come from it. As for inspiration, we both wander through life with our eyes wide open for gorgeousness and unique finds. Because we can't buy everything that catches our eyes and want to remember it all, the blog is like a virtual scrapbook for what inspires us on every given day. We sacrifice precious sleeping hours to stay up late and get up early to spend time on blog-related stuff, but we love it, and it's taught us to prioritize. Our motto is: work smarter, not harder!

3. We are often told that fashion and beauty are just frivolous. What would you say to someone who thinks this? It truly depends on what a person is into, doesn't it? The great thing about the blog world is that a reader can find a bevy of blogs that pertain to their particular interests. Yes, we love fashion, style, decor, and beauty—things that some might find self-indulgent or frivolous—but they are things that make us happy and engage us enough to write about. Fashion and beauty won't necessarily make everyone feel fulfilled but they are aspects of us that makes us, well, us! And on that note, we don't really love the word "fashion"—we are more enamored with style and the way that people dress and assemble a look. It's why we would rather walk the streets of New York City and scroll through images of street style on Pinterest than sit through a dozen runway shows!

4. What are the rules, if any, in the way you dress? We never wear anything that we feel uncomfortable in. If the shoes pinch our toes, the skirt is too short to sit in, or the shirt makes us sweat, we don't wear it. On our weekly blog series She Wishes She Was Wearing, we ask each participant "What's the best style advice you've ever given or received?" and nearly every answer has to do with dressing in a way that makes you confident and comfortable. We like to wear things that we feel good in and look good in. For us, that means wearing clothes that flatter our shapes and choosing pieces that will mix and match, rather than those that are trendy and might only last a season or two.

5. At Verily, we truly believe in the power fashion has to communicate. If your clothes could speak, what would they say? Fun question! We try to treat our clothes with love, so hopefully they would feel loved and well cared for, haha. The white t-shirts would probably all claim to be our favorites and the blazers would boast about how versatile they are. Sally's ballerina flats would tell you how much more popular they are than her heels. And Molly's shirts would tell you that they look great tucked into pencil skirts or with jeans. We both dress half for our jobs—Sally is a teacher and Molly works in a corporate environment—and for our personal style!




 V-neck Sweater with chiffon trim


LuLu Frost

 Art Deco earring—with an extra sparkly option



Tory Burch

  Megan Mini Bag



 Clara bootie. You can also find a pair 




 Knit Sequin Dres.

Ann Taylor

has another number in black too!


Kate Spade

 Tippy Sweater



 Glossy Stain