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Beautiful DIY Ways to Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table

Add some sweet finishing touches to your celebration.
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With Thanksgiving exactly one week away, we've happily lost track of time perusing the Internet for inspirational table decor for the holiday. Typically, this time of year brings to mind warm toned hues–reds, oranges, yellows–but we were surprisingly enthralled by the delicate mixes of turquoise, green, and gold we encountered. We rounded up a few of our favorites to inspire your own table setting that are sure to delight your family and guests.


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Have a little DIY fun with (1)Martha Stewart's golden painted pumpkins and (2)HGTV's simple, personalized gold lettering on white china. Jenny, of Everyday Occasions,(3) craftily created pumpkin candle holders and (5) a pear place card holder with a brambling bittersweet vine. (4) A fabric menu card and antique silver softens a graphic white dinner plate from Marie Cooke featured in Southern Living. And (6)Etsy inspired us with the most natural place card holder ever: a simple pinecone. Or, bring out the roses! (7) Petal pinks and creams paired with white mini pumpkins make a clean and elegant centerpiece.