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Inflight Style: What to Wear in the Air

Brace yourselves: With millions homeward bound to spend the holiday with loved ones, Thanksgiving is the busiest time of year to travel. En route to home last Thanksgiving, I happened to plop down next to a Scandinavian model (one of those "New York" moments). As the flight attendant finished her safety speech, my rowmate promptly pulled a black headband over her eyes and folded an enormous knitted scarf behind her head. Genius! In an instant, this woman had her eye mask and pillow without having to pack extra carry-on gear.

I have to admit, I forever advocated baggie sweatpants and hoodies for any long excursion. Comfort and practicality trump stylish and chic, right? Well, it doesn't have to! With a little thought and preparation, you can still be comfortable and totally look put together rather than, uh, unkempt while jet setting. Soft and warm basics on top paired with either slim cargos or jeans with a little stretch are the perfect combination.


1. J.Crew / 2. Nordstrom /3. Topman / 4. Target / 5. The North Face

Bonus! Here is my list of carry-on beauty essentials:

Vaseline. Believe it or not, Vaseline is the best fix or preventative for chapped lips during a flight. The compressed air tends to dehydrate your body, especially your skin. Use this for lips or any other dry patches of skin. Credit goes to my mom for this tip!
Earplugs. I’m a light sleeper, and these babies are especially helpful for tuning out excess noise. You can find them in most drug stores.
Dry shampoo. I use Oscar Blandi from Sephora. It's a life-saver those of us with hair that can turn lifeless or oily on long trips in enclosed spaces–like flights over 6 hours.
Water bottle. Fill it up once you get past security and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

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