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Get Out and Vote!

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Today is election day here in the U.S. of A! So, unless you’ve chosen to abstain from voting this year, be sure to head to the polls. If you don’t know where your voting location is, the Can I Vote website will give you directions.

Did you know there is more on the ballot than just the presidential election? If you want to do a little research before making your way to the polls, check out Vote411. Simply enter your address and get information on all the races in your district, even down to elected judges.

Some states have additional items you can vote on—for instance, California voters have 11 propositions on everything from taxes to fund education to repealing the death penalty—so swing by your state’s election page and get informed!

And if you were proactive and already voted this morning, we'll leave you with some fun facts:
23 countries have some form of compulsory voting
New Zealand was the first country to extend full voting rights to women, although Sweden had voting for female tax-paying guild members from 1718 to 1771
Single women in New Jersey could vote until 1807 (when their voting rights were rescinded)
Feeling scared to vote? There's a name for it: psephophobia
Young women are an active bunch: in both 2004 and 2006, young women voted more than young men.


(Image via Morning Calm News)