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Catwalk to Closet: Oxblood

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After flipping through a fashion magazine or finding an outfit on Pinterest featuring the latest trend, have you thought, “How could I ever pull that off?" Despite what some fashion mavens may say, trends should not dictate what you wear but rather inspire the personal style you already have.

Let’s examine a current trend: Oxblood.


Fall RTW 2012. Nanette Lepore / Acne / Christian Siriano (via

Oxblood? Yes, it may sound a bit extreme and rather, ahem, unappealing, but oxblood is really just a rich, deep shade of burgundy.  Whether you gravitate towards muted neutrals or bold hues, let's take a second look before you toss this color craze into the proverbial trash.

Red can actually be as versatile as black—particularly a shade this deep. For those who may not be fans of wearing brights, rest assured that oxblood will inject a little new life into your style without rocking your wardrobe upside down. And for the bold color enthusiasts, simply mix the burgundy hue with your already color-filled closet! Oxblood can bring a cooler tone and “fall feel” to your vivid staples.

Here are a few different inspirations to incorporate oxblood burgundy into your wardrobe—even just one little accessory does the trick!

(Left to Right: Mara, of M Loves M blog, sporting a burgandy bag and lip color, a show-stopping J.Crew leather skirt, and darling pumps and matching purse via Glitter Guide.)


And, just so you don’t think I’m a hypocrite for not trying the trend myself, here are two ways I’ve recently incorporated oxblood into my own closet!


Try a soft, skinny leather belt, which I knotted for a casual feel. I'm also loving OPI’s newest line Skyfall in its namesake shade.

When it comes down to your closet, please remember this: if you don’t like a trend, don’t participate in it. Fashion should be an outlet for you, not the other way around!

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