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What to Watch: Fall TV

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Fall is in full swing with cooler weather, turning leaves, apple cider... and fall TV show premieres! Many shows have begun or renewed seasons these last few weeks, so here's some guidance if you're looking for a new favorite.

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Matthew Perry stars in this new comedy, channeling the sarcasm he perfected as Chandler on Friends into a new character. After the recent passing of his wife, Ryan King (Perry), a sports radio host, convinces himself that he can come to terms with his grief on his own. After an unexpected outburst, however, he joins a therapy group including members at all stages of the grieving process: including a man struggling to come to terms with his blindness, a woman mourning the loss of her cat, and a soldier who returns from deployment to find that his wife has had a child with someone else. While humorous throughout, Go On also deals with some serious issues, combining the two in unexpected ways. (Tuesdays ,9/8c on NBC)

Previous episodes can be found on or Hulu.

sci fi tv shows, reality shows, funny tv shows

Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) returns to the Hamptons for a second season of the hit show Revenge. Her mission to avenge her father’s reputation and death has been rejuvenated by a new discovery about her mother, with her sights set once again on destroying the Greysons, a billionaire family with more secrets than one can keep track of. Hiding her true identity, Emily will stop at nothing to requite the wrongs inflicted on her and her family. This guilty-pleasure series combines suspense and drama (not to mention Emily’s fabulous wardrobe) leaving you on your toes after every episode. (Sundays, 9/8c on ABC)

Catch the first season on Netflix, then jump over to or Hulu for season two.

sci fi tv shows, reality shows, funny tv shows

If you liked Alcatraz, Lost, or even The Hunger Games, Revolution is for you. In J.J. Abrams’ latest turn on the small screen, a post-apocalyptic world without power, chaos and terror rule the day. The series starts fifteen years after The Great Blackout, introducing us to the story of a young girl whose father has been killed by the governing militia. Determined to find her captured brother, she journeys across the country while we try to learn why all the power went out in the first place. (Mondays, 10/9c on NBC)

Find Revolution on or Hulu.

sci fi tv shows, reality shows, funny tv shows

We like our reality TV on the competitive side, and if you’re even the slightest bit of a foodie, Chopped is for you. In a race against time, 4 cooks are provided with 4 seemingly unrelated ingredients that they have to use in their dish. Each round a new cook is eliminated until there is one one man standing, winning money for a charity of their choice or their restaurant. Even though it’s in its 13th season, each episode is a self-contained competition so you can pick it up whenever without confusion. Make sure you have some snacks prepared, this one is sure to make you hungry! (Tuesdays, 10/9c on the Food Network)

Indulge in previous episodes on Hulu or

A favorite of Verily editors, Downton Abbey intertwines complex characters with the drama of 20th century British-American literature. Follow Lady Mary Crawley as her aristocratic family and the servants of Downton grapple with the changing times that threaten to ruin their family estate and life as they have known it. If you’re a Jane Austen fan or historical fiction buff, this Golden Globe and Emmy award-winning series is for you. (Season 3 premieres Jan. 6, 2013 on PBS)

sci fi tv shows, reality shows, funny tv shows

Make use of the downtime between seasons to catch up on the first two on Hulu Plus. You can also find Season 1 on Netflix.

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