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Break the Rules, Not the Bank: Back-to-Back-to-Back in Black

Today's post could also be titled “In Defense of Wearing the Same Dress 3 Days in a Row.” Because that's exactly what I did this week.

I'm aware of the fact that, in certain chic circles, repeating outfits two days in a row is highly frowned upon.  Following that logic, wearing something three days in a row is all out sartorial suicide. But, after spending my last few days in one of my favorite black dresses (just to clarify, the dress was washed each night!) I'm here to report that wearing said dress in three dramatically different ways was pretty fun.

I suppose you could also title this post as “Homage to the Basic Black Dress.” I don’t mean the proverbial “little black dress” we read about so often in GlamourVogue—the standard dress donned at societal ordeals and cocktail parties. I'm talking about a black dress that functions as a closet staple that you can wear again and again (and, in my case, again).

My own basic black dress was only $46.00 at American Apparel, and I wear it so frequently that it actually shoulders the work of multiple dresses.


By treating this black dress like a white canvas, I bend it to whatever my daily schedule presents: to a corporate office on day one, for running to the post office and buying avocados on day two, and with a sheer skirt overtop to see a ballet at the Kennedy Center on day three.

verily black dress 2 copy

We deserve to get as much wear out of our clothes as possible, and if we go about getting dressed in clever, creative ways, no one tends to notice!

But, really, who even cares if they do?